Dr. Who Are You?

Asa turns 8 at the end of this month. My sister emailed today asking for gift suggestions, which reminded me we should probably get in gear ourselves. I’ve been keeping an email thread to myself about things they tell me they want.  So we checked in with him today and discovered that his wishlist really, actually does consist of items such as: a blue blazer, a cloak, shiny black dress shoes, a monocle, and a black locking diary. And a suitcase. And a microscope. Oh, and a Nerf gun that looks like a machine gun (sigh). The thing he wanted most in the world until recently was a briefcase, but he found a backgammon set for $.75 at a yard sale that apparently is suitable.

He’s had a dress up/costume obsession for quite a while now, and has always used this activity as an outlet for EXTREME creativity – as in, he’d never just wear one costume, it would be a Thor helmet with Wolverine gloves with some ninja robe with camo pants and a dinosaur tail. And then he’d stand in front of a full length mirror doing poses literally for an hour. Literally.

Lately, though, he seems to be honing in on a particular look. Maybe a cheesy door-to-door salesman from another decade? I’m unsure.  He’s spent his own money on two different business suits from rummage sales.  Heather just told me that earlier he had her help him put on his muscly Iron Man costume under one of the suits, paired with a fedora. So maybe he’s Tony Stark? I asked him if he was trying to look like Dr. Who with some of the things he asked for, and his response was that Dr. Who does not wear sunglasses.

Here’s a look he was sporting at 7-something a.m. one morning recently when Heather came home from work and found him playing his drums in the garage: 



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