Alone Time

A Monday morning moment of quiet, all because I didn’t open my bedroom door and invite in chaos until after an hour of snuggling with Oscar, greeting Heather from her overnight work weekend, and getting the baby back to sleep for his first nap. I used to have Mondays completely to myself – the wife asleep, the kids at school. She and I used to have from 8 to 3 Tuesday through Friday to do whatever we wanted alone together.  Now I live for these moments, savor them in a blown-out-of-proportion way. Because, by moment, I mean probably 152 seconds between the time I got up, wearing only pants and a bra, ninja quietly closed my bedroom door and walked out to the living room and Asa coming upstairs to talk to me about what Evan’s poop looks like. I don’t even remember what I was actually going to write about – it’s eight minutes later now and I’ve already answered 11 questions. Yes, I counted.


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