This Is Going To Be All Over The Place

Because tired and because teething and because all mommy all the time.

Asa is hilarious. Evan told me that I needed to write down the hilarious things he does and says every day somewhere. He calls Crazy Bread from Little Caesar’s “silly sticks” and his new favorite thing is to say, “Wanna know a secret?” and then he farts. Except, we’ve finally all caught on so we say NO but he still farts anyway. He overheard a lot of talk about his teenage cousin’s lady problems, and proclaimed to Heather and me yesterday that he’s “just really, really proud of her for having her period at our house.”

We watched videos a friend took of Evan and Asa 4 years ago and they were BABIES. And it was, like, a minute ago. I know you know, if you’re a parent, but this reallyreallyreally does just FLY by. It’s depressing.

Evan will be 11 on Monday and desperately wants his ear pierced. We’re actually buying a piercing gun so Heather can do it herself, because she doesn’t trust anyone with her precious baby’s juicy earlobe (her favorite part of his anatomy since birth). So, ya know, don’t be surprised if you start seeing pictures of members of our family with dozens of random piercings.

Heather’s cousin had a baby yesterday. It’s a tense situation, as she does not technically have custody of her older two children, and is a bit of a mess. She and Heather grew up more like siblings than cousins, and Heather’s uncle who is the cousin’s father is dying of cancer, so these things have converged to mean that we are going to Oklahoma next week. Where none of us have been since 2009, when Heather’s stepfather was introduced to me and refused even to shake my hand. I’m honestly just trying not to think about it. Or, not to think about the long car trip with the carseat screamer, the being in unfamiliar an potentially awkward/uncomfortable/hostile surroundings with my distractible, grouchy nursling, or heaven forbid some scene unfolding in front of the kids who can comprehend (and already use pretty colorful language to describe the homophobic Grandpa they haven’t seen in years). It will be sweet to see the brand new squishy baby? We can model breastfeeding, babywearing, and cloth diapering to Heather’s very-in-need-of-a-better-go-round-with-parenting cousin? Oh my.